Paid Search Engine Marketing

Paid Search Engine Marketing is the original type of internet marketing that allowed Google and Bing and Yahoo to become such large profitable companies. The idea is you pay per click or impression or per some type of metric and you get your add up on the search engine results. This is an anonymous process and works much like an auction …. you bid as high as you can and hope that the quality score of your website or landing page gives you a high enough score to rank high on search engine results. Bidding on keywords is the best way to get your results on the search engine “sponsored results” … SEO is a different animal all together and those are called “natural results” ( you can visit our SEO page to find out more about this ). There are a lot of metrics to evaluate and the bidding is real time so you better watch where you are spending your money. One of the quintessential features of making sense of everything is having the ability to track. You can track with codes you place on your website that will communicate with the search engines and this will allow you to view metrics such as “cost per conversion” or “cost per impression” or what ever value you wish to track. This information is readily available for every major search engine.

We at Blacks Media specialize in finding a good fit for each product or service we represent and have cut our teeth in the internet marketing world in Pay Per Click marketing on Google, Yahoo and Bing to name a few. There are a multitude of ways to target your consumer depending on what demographics are and what you are willing to spend to get that valuable search engine traffic. The highest quality traffic available on the internet is the Paid Search Engine Traffic and there is a recipe to making it work and we can create a custom venue to fit most any company. We specialize in mobile and laptop/desktop search engine traffic and this can be a very expensive and daunting task to make a profitable campaign if you don’t have experience. Please contact us via email if you have any questions or inquiries into what it takes to make your business successful on Paid Search Engine Marketing.

paid search engine marketing